The Flow

by Frequency



released 10 February 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Conjunction Of Senses
I cannot see
I cannot breathe
There are no answers
Inside of me

Also there’s no questions
There’s no conscience
No sight of meaning
New formed life

And I start to cry
As soon I understand
That I have needs
Still to come

I open my eyes
I see my hands in front of me
The hunger for more
That comes across of me

The easy life
Of this newborn
Full of curiosity
About himself

The eyes, the hands
I begin to use
The body starts
To grow and bloom

And I begin this life
And pain is no at sight
A brand new being
That comes to this world

Innocence In pure form
The sweetest time of life
A project of full life
That has begun here

I open my arms
To receive the gift of breathe
I open my hands
To touch the world behind

And I start to feel
Conjunction of senses
I open my eyes
The world forms at my sight

Innocence in pure form
The sweetest time of life